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All Piercings are done in sterile environment in a private room. We offer all basic piercings including genital. All persons wanting to get pierced will need a valid state or Government Photo Identification. Individuals who are 13 to 17 will need to bring parent or guardian with your birth certificate and their valid photo I.D. Also If you are just a guardian you will need to bring papers from the court showing guardianship with notary seal.



Nipple:           $35 for one, $45 for both
Navel:            $35
Nose:             $35
Eyebrow:       $35
Earlobe:         $35 for one, $45 for both
Cartilage:       $35
Lip:                 $35 for one, $45 for snake bites
Labret:           $35
Tongue:         $35
Tragus:          $35 for one, $45 for two
Conch:           $35
Anti-Tragus:  $35
Rook:             $35
Monroe:         $35
Septum:         $35
Industrial:      $35


Piercings by Jamie